Gas Storage

Construction of the gas storage will be carried out on the processed oil field of Samgori South Dome near Tbilisi and it will be possible to store up to 300 million cubic meters of gas in it.

Feasibility study and respective engineering-technical documents have already been prepared within the framework of the underground gas storage project development in Georgia. The procedures for selection of the construction company are underway in accordance with the International Procurement rules.

JSC "Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation" successfully continues negotiations with the European Investment Bank to raise additional USD 100 million for construction of the underground gas storage which will be enough for implementation of the project together with the funds received from KfW.

JSC "Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation" will start the gas storage construction works in 2022. Commissioning of the project is planned in 2025.
Building upon the Environmental and Social Scoping Study for the Project and three public scoping meetings held in Vaziani, Mukhrovani and Gardabani in June-August 2019, the Project’s Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and the relevant management plans have been prepared as per the requirements of Georgia, KfW Development Bank (KfW) and European Investment Bank (EIB) (KfW and EIB are the Project’s co-financers).

In line with the international and national regulations, the ESIA public consultation meetings will be conducted in order to discuss the results of the ESIA with the interested stakeholders and to reflect on their feedback.

As part of the national EIA and international ESIA, three public hearings / consultation meetings will be held in Gardabani Town, Vaziani Village and Mukhrovani Settlement on December 24-26, 2019 (see the attached announcement) based on the project information and ESIA results.

The public hearings/consultation meetings are open and any representative of the society has the right to take part in them.

The ESIA Report and accompanying documents can be reached here