Gardabani Power Plant 2

Active phase for Gardabani TTP 2 construction works started in spring 2018.

The project was completed in December 2019. In March 2020 GNERC issued electricity generation license to Gardabani 2 LLC and consequently Power Plant was put into exploitation in 2020. The installed capacity of the power plant is the same (230MW) as the one of the first energy efficient thermal power plant in Gardabani which was launched in 2015. The plant is equipped with modern “General Electric” gas and steam turbines and generators. The finished project has a major strategic significance for the sustainability of energy system and entire energy sector of Georgia and its successful development.

Construction of Gardabani TTP -2 is carried out by China Tianchen Engineering Corporation (TCC) – one of the major engineering corporations of China established in 1953 in the eastern city of Tianchen. 

JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation funded the construction of combined cycle thermal power plant using its internal resources only.
JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Cooperation is a state-owned energy company engaged in operation, rehabilitation and replacement of trunk oil and gas pipeline systems of Georgia. The Company is involved in power generation, oil and gas transportation and other significant energy projects, including the development of underground gas storage project.

GOGC has been assigned BB international investment rating.