Arrangement of the River Rioni Underwater pass for 45 km Kobuleti Branch of the East-West Main Gas Pipeline has been completed

26 February, 2018
Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) has completed the construction of the River Rioni underwater pass for Kobuleti 45 km branch of the East-West Main gas pipeline. To this end, GOGC has used directional drilling method and DN 500 pipe has successfully been installed along the 1100 meter underwater pass.

During the first stage of the construction of the Kobuleti branch development project two sections Abasha - Supsa and Choloki - Kobuleti with the total length of 45 km will be constructed. The construction of 15 km Supsa-Choloki section of the Kobuleti Branch will start late this year.

The Kobuleti branch of the gas pipeline shall ensure increasing demand on natural gas in Adjara region.

“Comfortmsheni”- a tender winning Georgian company is implementing the construction of 45 km section of DN 500 gas pipeline.

The cost of the project is GEL 11. 919.869 excluding the cost of construction materials.