Perspective Projects

East-West Main Gas Pipeline

JSC "Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation" intends to finalize the design and construction-rehabilitation works of the East-West Main Gas Pipeline (EWGP) during 2015-2017, allowing to significantly increase technological reliability of operation of the unified gas supply system of Georgia. Implementation of projects will also facilitate increase of guaranteed gas supply to the population and enterprises of Shida Kartli and West Georgian regions, free economic zones and the Black Sea coastal recreation zone. 

It is planned to implement the following projects within the framework of construction-rehabilitation works of the East-West Main Gas Pipeline:

DN700 Gori-Kareli-Khashuri 30 km section of the Main Gas Pipeline. The project envisages finalization of rehabilitation works of the remaining segments (13+17 km) of Gori-Kareli-Khashuri section. Construction of Gori-Kareli 13 km section isin process. Gori-Kareli 20 km section was constructed in 2014. 

DN700 Ksani-Lekhura 14 km section of the Main Gas Pipeline. The project envisages replacement of the 14 km unserviceable section parallel to the currently operating DN500 line with DN700 gas pipeline. The decision on rehabilitation of the gas pipeline section located between Ksani and Lekhura rivers was made as a result of discovery of damaged areas during the testing and the expert conclusions. 

DN500 60 km section of Kobuleti (Adjara) Branch of the Main Gas Pipeline. Based on the analysis of the results of the conducted preliminary surveys a decision on stage-by-stage rehabilitation-reconstruction of Kobuleti Branch using a new route was made. Procurement of basic construction materials and performance of construction-rehabilitation works of the about 30 km initial section, as well as restoration of the air crossing on Rioni river are planned in 2016. Construction of the second part of the route is planned in 2017.  

Testing of various critical sections of the East-West Main Gas Pipeline and planning of rehabilitation works will continue. The final decision on the possibility of implementation of construction-rehabilitation works and the timeframes will be made based on the analysis of the results of the conducted preliminary survey in connection with the following sections: 

DN700 Khashuri-Zestaponi 68 km section;
DN700 Lekhura-Gori about 21 km section;
DN500/700 Saguramo-Natakhtari about 2,6 km section;
DN700 Natakhtari-Ksani about 20 km section;
DN700 Natakhtari-Dzalisi about 8,3 km section;
DN300 Tabatskuri-Bakuriani 18 km section.

In addition, damaged sections have been discovered on main gas pipelines which require performance of immediate repair works. 

The sections subject to rehabilitation are mainly discovered on river and ravine crossings where the initial design parameters have been disregarded. As a result of performance of necessary works the initial parameters will be restored and secure functioning of gas pipelines will be ensured. 

At the first stage, it is planned to carry out local works on several sections: 

Repair-installation works of Lochini river crossing on DN700 Karadag-Tbilisi main gas pipeline (line II);
Pipeline relocation to 122-123 km of DN1000 Kazakh-Saguramo main gas pipeline (Kodistskaro avalanche by-pass section);
Rehabilitation of Lekhura river crossing on DN300 Kaspi Branch of Saguramo-Kutaisi main gas pipeline; 
Rehabilitation of Shirma ravine crossing of DN1200 Vladikavkaz-Tbilisi main gas pipeline near Misaktsieli village.

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