Current Projects

East-West Main Gas Pipeline

DN700 Tsiteli-Khidi-Gardabani 19km section. After analyzing the studies conducted on various critical segments of the East West Main Gas Pipeline,  the Tsiteli Khidi- Gardabani (I line) section of the Karadagh-Tbilisi main gas pipeline appeared to be the most vulnerable segment of the pipeline. Consequently, the reconstruction of the Tsiteli Khidi-Gradabani section of the pipeline proved to be expedient. It envisages construction of a new line with DN700 pipes and its respective infrastructure.

Construction works are being implemented by a tender-winning company “Komfortmshen XXI“.Total cost of the project amounts to GEL 3 482 298 excluding VAT.

The Karadagh-Tbilisi pipeline (line I) is the first gas pipeline built in Georgia, which transported natural gas from Azerbaijan to Georgian industrial, household as well as business consumers. The pipeline was commissioned in 1959.

The reconstruction of Tsiteli-Khidi-Gardabani section of the pipeline will finalize the construction of the Tsiteli-Khidi-Saguramo section of the East-West Main gas pipeline ოფ new DN700 Tsiteli Khidi-Saguramo 90km sections of the East-West Main Gas Pipeline.


DN300 27 km Telavi-Akhmeta section. The construction of DN300 27 km Telavi-Akhmeta section of the East-West Main Gas Pipeline are underway. The construction works  are being implemented by a tender-winning Georgian Company - “Rapid Engineering & Construction” Ltd.

Total cost of the project is GEL 2 120 000 excluding VAT.

The completion of the high pressure gas pipeline is planned to be completed in February 2017.

Construction of a new 27 km TelaviAkhmeta section of the pipeline will finalize the second stage of the rehabilitation of Kakheti main gas pipeline. After completion of the project, damped DN 200 pipes built in 1976 will completely be replaced. The rehabilitation of the pipeline will ensure uninterrupted supply of natural gas to Kakheti region.


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The second block of Gardabani Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant

Construction of the second block of Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant in Gardabani is planned. Chinese company China Tianchen Engineering Corporation (TCC) is to build the 230 MW power plant.

Construction of the power plant will start in the first half of 2017. The Power plant will be commissioned in 2020.

Total cost of the project is USD 159 million.

Currently  obtaining authorizations and negotiations with Chinese banks to conclude loan agreements is in process.

Gardabani 230 MW Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant Implementation Contract is signed between the Government of Georgia, “Gardabani Thermal Power Plant 2” LLC, JSC “Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation”(GOGC) and JSC “Electricity System Commercial Operator” (ESCO)

The project has the greatest strategic importance for sustainability and successful development of the Georgian energy system and the entire energy sector. As it is known, the guaranteed capacity of the power plants available in Georgia cannot satisfy the full volume of the winter period consumption. Besides, there is a stable increase of power consumption in the country. According to the strategic policy of the Georgian government and the development energy sector, construction of highly effective and cost-effective (vapor-air turbine) combined power plants is one of the top priorities.

230 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) project in Gardabani has already constructed. The implementation of the project started in 2013 and accomplished in summer, 2015. Investment cost of the project was about USD 230 ml. The investment was made by JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation and JSC Partnership Fund and constructed by a leading Turkish company - ÇALIK ENERJİ.

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