Gas Transportation

The South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP) and the North South Main Gas Pipeline (NSMGP) transit gas through the territory of Georgia.

The length of the SCP is 691 with 249 km in Georgia. On the territory of Georgia the SCP is constructed in the same corridor as the BTC pipeline.

Gas entered the Georgian section of the SCP in September 2006, as part of the pipeline testing and commissioning process. In the same year, a new 12 km pipeline, connecting the SCP to the Georgian gas distribution system near Gardabani, was also completed. Following the pipeline commissioning, first commercial gas was delivered into the Georgian market in January 2007.

At full capacity, the pipeline can transport up to 20 mln scm's (standard cubic meters) a year.

The NSMP was built in the 1970s. This pipeline stretches from Russian to Armenian border (221 km) supplying Georgian and Armenian consumers with natural gas.

Within the framework of the Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund, the pipeline was thoroughly rehabilitated in 2006-2009. The project aimed at increasing the reliability of the pipeline, as well as its effectiveness, and therefore ensuring Georgia’s energy security, minimizing gas loss and preventing possible accidents on the pipeline.

At full capacity, the NSMP can transport 12 bcm of natural gas