Gas Production

Georgia started gas extraction in the second half of the seventies of the last century. Initially associated gas was extracted from the Samgori-Patardzeuli field. In 1980-1983 annual oil production peaked at 300 mcm.

Free gas extraction started in 1983 when Rustavi gas field was discovered. Associate and free gas extraction has been carried out on Ninotsminda fieldl. Currently, Ninotsminda Oil Company,a subsidiary of Blake Oil and Gas Limited is extracting associated gas in Ninotsminda oil field and Jindal Petroleum Georgia Limited, an Indian company extracts associated gas along with oil on the XI B license block. As for the Romanian Marexin, it is carrying out gas hydrate extraction on the Black Sea shelf.

During the last five years annual gas production has averaged 16, 5 million cubic meters. In all, Georgia has extracted about 2.8 billion cubic meters of gas and 552, 8 mcm of free gas.

At present gas production in Georgia is low.